In the past four days, we've seen snow, rain, and a freeze warning at various times in New Jersey. But starting Wednesday (actually, carrying over from late Tuesday), there is seemingly no end in sight to a run of spectacular spring weather in the Garden State.

Not a cloud in the sky Wednesday morning outside the New Jersey 101.5 studios (Patrick Lavery, Townsquare Media NJ)

Let's first recap Tuesday, though. Clouds and rain from early in the day disappeared much earlier, I think, than expected in many areas, and New Jersey really got some bright, warm sunshine in the mid- to late afternoon hours. Then, as predicted, temperatures fell into the 30s overnight, prompting a freeze warning that is just expiring mid-morning in North Jersey. It remains to be seen if we'll get another advisory Wednesday night, but as the forecast stands right now, you can essentially take the pattern that developed in the second half of Tuesday and extrapolate it over at least the next five days.

Sun will be in abundant supply Wednesday, with highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s and a light wind, maybe picking up to about 15 mph. Temperatures look to be a little cooler along the Jersey Shore. Wednesday night copies Tuesday night: Clear skies with lows in the mid-30s, possibly up to 40 at the shore.

Thursday -- I kid you not -- features the exact same basic details as Wednesday. Maybe it'll be a degree or so cooler, and wind doesn't appear to be a factor at all. Daytime hours on Friday will also be a facsimile (what's a facsimile, you ask?) of Wednesday and Thursday.

Lows will bump up just a bit overnight Friday into Saturday, as most of the state settles into the lower 60s for highs to start the weekend; again, cooler at the shore. Sunday still looks good for 70-plus degree temperatures inland. A few clouds will develop Sunday, but from what I've read so far, our next chance for rain doesn't happen until the middle of next week.

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow is on vacation and returns Monday, April 18. Patrick Lavery produces “New Jersey’s First News” and is New Jersey 101.5’s morning drive breaking news reporter.

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