Bring your own headstone! (Craig Allen photo)

At New Jersey 101.5, we're ready. Are you?

Rest in pieces... (Craig Allen photo)

All weekend, we've been playing the "Monster Hits" on New Jersey 101.5, and here at They ought to put you in the mood!

BOO! (Craig Allen photo)

On the other hand, lets face it, Hurricane Sandy is changing pre-Halloween plans...and all these display pictures are pre-Sandy. I'm sure that all of these displays have been taken down (temporarily) in the face of the storm.

Having said that: Back to the fun...

My Neighbors, "Fed-EX Pat"

Pat's Halloween display. (Craig Allen photo)

and "Cornershow Bob"

Cornershow Bob's day. (Craig Allen photo)

have caught "Halloween fever."

This pair needs to "fatten up" with some Halloween candy!! (Craig Allen photo)

By the way, Pat and Bob are my neighbors that put on now-famous Chistmas Light displays (a "friendly competition"). I featured them last November and December, here at  They are already plannig their displays for the coming holidays. Stand by!!

Back to Halloween....

Hmmmm...Christmas lights, too. (Craig Allen photo)

Displays of all kinds have been popping up over the last few weeks!

Simple...but effective! (Craig Allen photo)


Happy Halloween! (Craig Allen photo)

Wednesday is the big day! Hopefully, after the storm, you'll still have time...and the get creative, and put up a display (or put it back up) for all to enjoy...

Mmmmmm....candy! (Craig Allen photo)

...and time to load up on the Halloween candy!

And, if you're not ready...

Superstore Halloween. (Craig Allen photo)

You know what to do...and where to go.

They've been waiting to help you...since Labor Day. (Craig Allen photo)


Pumpkin: "I'm scared!"

Happy Halloween!

BOO! (Craig Allen photo)