Yesterday we posted a quiz on things that happened at the Great Adventure broadcast. Here are the correct answers.

1. During the show, producer Joe V. lost something. What did he lose?

A) His wallet
B) His sun glasses
C) His tooth
D) His temper
ANSWER: C) His tooth

2. From where inside the park did we broadcast?

A) Next to the Batman ride
B) In the boardwalk section
C) From the men's room
D) From the safari
ANSWER: B) In the boardwalk section

3. Bill was fascinated with what?

A) A kid's big pink elephant
B) A magician who put a needle through his eye
C) The parachute ride
D) A giraffe
ANSWER: A) A kid's big pink elephant

4. Joe V. did something he never did before. What was it?

A) Passed out on a ride
B) Fed a giraffe
C) Got in a fight with a kid
D) Pretended to be Ray The Prize Guy for a free sandwich
ANSWER: B) Fed a giraffe

5.Finally, how many Twix bars was Joe challenged to eat before going on the Twix ride?

A) 3
B) 5
C) 10
D) 25