Legislation that’s designed to protect small businesses and create jobs - by cutting through bureaucracy -has been passed by the Jersey Assembly.

The measure would revise the New Jersey Regulatory Flexibility Act to force the state, when implementing a new regulation, to minimize the rule's impact on small businesses so long as the public health, safety, or general welfare is not endangered.

“Untangling red tape for all businesses is a priority, and I’m enthused that we’ve been moving forward on that goal because small businesses in particular are hit hard by bureaucracy that can strangle their ability to create jobs,” says Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula, “this is a key step toward helping small businesses avoid getting roped into a morass of red tape.”

Another primary sponsor of the bill, Assemblyman Troy Singleton, says “we need to do a lot more to make it clear to agencies that the impact on small businesses must get special attention, small businesses are the ones that create jobs and drive our economy, and promoting economic growth remains a top priority.”

The bill was approved in the Lower House 77-0-2, and now heads to the state Senate Economic Growth Committee for consideration.