[/caption]It's so easy to make a New Year's resolution.  I make several every year.  You know as well as anybody, they're easy to make, darn near impossible to keep.  My hat's off to you if you've ever followed through and kept your self-promise.  My main resolution is less stress.  For starters, I will try not to worry about the small "bumps" in life that come my way.  Simple things like trying to find a  space when the supermarket parking lot is packed.  Or, leaving myself enough time to get to where have to be without rushing and worry that I'll be late.  To unstress, I've made a resolution to take advantage of the wonderful Jersey shore.  I will unwind on the beach, frequently, during the summer of 2012.  Just the thought of the fresh salt air, the crashing waves romancing my ears, soaking up the sun, and feeling the stress waft out to sea into the puffy clouds.    Here's a link that may help you keep  your resolutions. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/loren-ridinger/new-years-resolutions_b_1172183.html?ref=holidays    Whatever resolutions you make, I wish you success, and will help to make the coming year the best ever for you.