Wouldn’t you like to laugh in the face of poverty?

Unfortunately the homeless blend into the streets like they’re invisible. They blend into your life tapestry so that you don’t even know who they are. They could be your friends, neighbors, co-workers and with the way things are going in New Jersey, the number of homeless are growing every day.

I’m talking about the poor. People For the Poor is a charity founded by Caroline Scherrer and Mike Scott that raise money for homeless shelters and soup kitchens. They are 100% volunteer and ALL the money goes to help the needy.

Caroline called into my show to preview the show and she told an amazing story about how People for the Poor helped a homeless NJ woman. You HAVE to hear this story.

Tonight, Friday June 3rd I’ll be performing in a comedy fundraiser at the Wyndham Hotel in Mt Laurel along with comedians Chris Rich  and Vince Valentine, whom you may have seen performing in the one man show “Defending The Caveman.”

The show starts at 7pm at the Wyndham Hotel Rt 73 North in Mt Laurel. Tickets are available at the door or by calling 856-228-5365, or online at www.peopleforthepoor.org

The jokes are funnier when you know you’re helping people.

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