Dennis and Judi love music and they love NJ's vast array of talented musicians. Dennis and Judi are trying to help get spread the word about a new up and coming band that needs our help.

The band is called 'Hotsy Totsy' and they are an amazing trio of gals that started out as an Andrews Sisters tribute and morphed into an original act.

They are currently recording their first album and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money for the recording. Here is the note Dennis received from one of Hotsy Totsy's members, Amanda.

My name is Amanda and I'm in the band Hotsy Totsy. We are in the midst of recording our debut album and could use a little boost - who am I kidding, we need a BIG boost to fund the rest of our project. We launched a Kickstarter campaign about 2 weeks ago and although we have had some very generous donations, we are still about $6,000 shy of reaching our goal. And with Kickstarter it's all or nothing. We have 1 week left to accomplish this so we're starting to sweat.

We've listened to some of their music and watched a few of their videos and they are absolutely fabulous! How could you not want to help these lovely ladies get their project off the ground? To learn more, visit their Kickstarter campaign, or you can also visit their website as well.