Yesterday when I called Joe Votruba in to join us on air, he gave me a strange quick look through the glass that separates the air studio from the producer's booth. Very offhandedly, I said, "He looked like that dramatic squirrel video." But no one knew what I was talking about. Then Bill tried Googling something that came up with "dramatic chipmunk" but not "dramatic squirrel". This had me curious.

So to Youtube I went during a break, and I found something interesting.

First take a look at the very first video that came up when I searched for "Dramatic Squirrel".

I wound up searching for "Dramatic Chipmunk", "Dramatic Hamster", and "Dramatic Prairie Dog". Every search result brought me back to the same video!

As you can see, no one can agree on what animal this is. So we ask you, what the hell is it?