This morning Senator Tom Kean joined the morning show to weigh in on the potential crisis coming from the Democratic majority in the NJ State Senate.

Next week they may seriously consider a bill that would force NJ taxpayers to cover the loss of federal funds.  Of course the potential loss of federal funds, which according to Senator Kean could top $15 BILLION dollars (for perspective the ENTIRE NJ budget is $35 Billion), would result from NJ Mayors failing or refusing to comply with federal laws on immigration.

Unfortunately this is yet another case of emotion trumping logic and reason.  The president's executive order enacting a "travel ban" for seven nations identified as terrorist harboring nations by the FBI (under Obama by the way) is about counter terrorism and efficiency.  It's not an overall ban on immigration as the detractors would have you believe.  The elitist, wealthy, out of touch, union shill Senator Steve Sweeney would have you believe that the president is attacking immigration, which is clearly the foundation of our great nation.  This is absolutely FALSE.

The truth is the new president, in what is the most popular decision of his new administration, is looking for border security and to get a handle on the flow of refugees into the country.  Perhaps the bigger and most impactful part of the discussion is that the Senate Democrats are willing to trade your money for their own political gain.

This bill is no better than the 'book deal' pushed by Governor #CorruptChristie.  Thanks to the commonsense of Tom Kean, there will be push back in the legislature.  He and other courageous lawmakers like Democrat Jeff Van Drew and Republicans Mike Doherty and Kip Bateman, we're getting closer to a discussion of how to make New Jersey affordable again.  It's time to stop wasting time on politically motivated resolutions and bank breaking proposals and get down to business.

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