Dennis and Michelle Pilenza (filling in for Judi Franco) were discussing the heartbreaking story today (Friday) of South Jersey high school student Kevin McGuire who for the second time, is battling cancer. McGuire, who was first diagnosed with leukemia at age 13, has recently relapsed.

Kevin's sister, Victoria, has launched a Facebook page to help her brother obtain a date with his favorite singer, country superstar Taylor Swift. According to Victoria, nothing makes her brother as happy as Swift's music. Swift, who has been known to go out of her way for her fans, will hopefully make Kevin's wish come true. The date of the prom just also happens to coincide with Kevin's birthday. How can Swift resist?

A Twitter hashtag has become the hot topic of conversation to support Kevin's plight as well with many celebrities showing their support for Kevin.

Dennis and Michelle (and Judi!) have joined the crusade to help Kevin's dream become a reality. Make sure you take a moment and 'like' the Facebook page Victoria set up to help support Kevin get a date with Taylor Swift for the prom!

Good luck Kevin!