Yesterday we brought you the story of Charles Birnbaum, whose family home of nearly 50 years is being taken away by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. It's an eminent domain case in Atlantic City. A very unfair eminent domain case. The only 'public good' here is for some vague, eventual plan to use land owned by Mr. Birnbaum to develop something to attract tourism.

The CRDA doesn't even have any set plan. This would not be for a hospital, or a much needed runway at an airport expansion, or a new highway. This would be for private investment and the only public good would be the taxes that another casino, or strip mall, or restaurant row would bring. In interest of aiding the ailing gaming industry, a judge has already ruled that Charles Birnbaum's family home can be taken from him. All just compensation cannot justify this. Birnbaum is appealing. To that end, a petition has gone up on and you can help. He's collecting signatures and has over 90,000 as I write this but needs more.

Please go here and sign up to help this man save his home.