Last night, after talking to an official from the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office about the difficulty they have in obtaining information from the public that would be used in solving crimes – I asked the question as to whether or not there’s a wall of mistrust between cops and some members of the general public.

My belief is that 99.9 percent of police officers do their jobs in protecting the public and do it well.
And while the numbers are an opinion, it’s the .01 percent that give police a bad name.

I used the incident that had taken place in Staten Island as one where the community may feel cops can no longer be trusted.

Unfortunately this too may also serve as an example.

Here we have Helmetta Special Police Officer Richard Recine getting into a verbal confrontation with resident Steve Wronko for taking pictures inside the building. Wronko and his wife were both protesting conditions at a local animal shelter which they claim gave them an underage and sick puppy that cost them thousands in medical bills. They both felt they were due the money; and also wanted people more qualified to run the shelter which they felt was in poor condition.

Who’s in the wrong here? Officer Recine or Helmetta resident Steve Wronko?

According to this article on, Richard Recine had this to say:

"Obama has decimated the friggin' constitution, so I don't give a damn," says Recine, a retired Franklin cop. "Because if he doesn't follow the Constitution we don't have to."

Wronko then turns to the person recording the camera to make sure that was recorded. Recine repeats himself. "Our president has decimated the constitution, then we don't have to."

Manney makes a good point in asking Wronko to identify himself. However, aside from that, it would seem as though resident Wronko has every right to be in that building. Given that, Officer Recine is doing his job in asking the resident to identify himself.

Fair enough?

But then Officer Recine goes off the rails and claims he doesn’t have to follow the Constitution since the President has decimated it.

Should Officer Recine be fired?

Since it’s all on tape – looks like Recine unfortunately gives cops another black eye.

Oh, and by the way, while Officer Recine is referred to as Special Officer and working at a hourly wage while collecting a pension as a retired Franklin Police Officer, does that quality that as a double dipper?