This story comes from Brazil and features a female doctor who was engaged to be married.  Three days before the wedding, the groom-to-be called off the wedding, and the relationship; the jilted bride, one Myriam Castro did not take the news well. 


It’s being reported that Myriam was so upset that she hired three ex-cons to do some dirty work for her, and by “dirty work” I mean abduct her ex-fiance and cut his penis off with a knife.  They did.

Apparently, she also paid them to burn down his house and wreck his car, but its not clear if that part of the caper was carried out.  This all happened in 2002 and she’s been on the run since then, but living a normal life and practicing medicine.

She even got married a couple of years ago; can you imagine being her husband, thinking that the gorgeous doctor you married was normal and then finding out you’re going to have to sleep with one eye open after every argument?  She’s only supposed to be incarcerated for six years, so do you divorce her while she’s in prison and hope she never finds you or stick with her and hope she never gets angry with you?