Let's face it, guys...we love heavy machinery!

Insert a MANLY "grunt" here!

You've seen those TV commercials hawking dvds of trains for kids...

I'm thinking that a whole "video" sales demographic is being ignored:

Someone needs to produce a dvd of "heavy machinery on the job," for GUYS! That sort of thing will make millions! You've read it here, first! And, I'll be pleased to take my "cut" of the profits, in exchange for the idea, THANKS!

'Til the dvd comes out...a few random photos and appropriate (and/or silly) comments (from me) will have to fill the ignored need.

I want..."Two Scoops!" (Craig Allen photo)

"Heavy Construction and Destruction Machinery" moves "stuff."  It pushes...it scoops up earth...and assorted debris!

Ready to shovel...whatever! (Craig Allen photo)

It "shovels."

A tractor in the hay.... (Craig Allen photo)

It picks up heavy things...it BREAKS (tears down) stuff.

An oversize load! (Craig Allen photo)

"Oversize" stuff, too!

(Craig Allen photo)

It can can clean and clear a site...dirt and debris year 'round...and even snow in the winter!

A closer look at the cabin from the above tractor. (Craig Allen photo)
"Drill, baby, drill!" (Craig Allen photo)

And, some machinery can bore holes in the ground!

A tractor "on the move." (Craig Allen photo)

Some of the heavy machines can move on their own...or you can put 'em on trailers, and take them far...take them to any construction or demolition site!

Lets name this tractor "Rusty." (Craig Allen photo)

Some are shiny and new...some are "old hands," experienced, like "Rusty!"

This one's "on the job!" The operator must be on a coffee break! (Craig Allen photo)

OK...so, maybe it is a guy thing...but these "guys" get the job done!

Its a "Super Scooper!" (Craig Allen photo)

And, apparently, they are not afraid of heights...

This one is not like the others.... (Craig Allen photo)

...and come in all shapes, sizes and colors....

"Everyone loves a log!" (Craig Allen photo)

C'mon...you know that you want to let out another "Tim Allen-style" GRUNT of...

Almost the view from the digger's seat... (Craig Allen photo)

...MANLY satisfaction!!

And, best of all...you can own this one! (Craig Allen photo)

"GRUNT" (of satisfaction, of course).

The sun sets after a long day...but there will be more to do tomorrow! (Craig Allen photo)