The heat has finally subsided across the Garden State.  Violent storms followed, but a drought is in full force in the Midwest.  What does it mean for us?

Thursday's Headlines

  • Pop-up storms ravaged parts of New Jersey on Wednesday afternoon.  We have full coverage and you can upload your storm damage pictures.
  • The dry conditions have caused one of the largest droughts on records in the Midwest.  It may affect your food costs.
  • A bill is signed into law that would severely stiffen penalties for reckless driving while using a cell phone.
  • Following her own son's drug overdose, a New Jersey mom is pleading for a bill to help curb drug-related deaths.
  • Rumors swirled on Wednesday that Governor Christie would not be the VP candidate, but he would deliver the keynote speech at the Republican National Convention.
  • A hearing today will discuss whether or not to begin the process of allowing casino gaming at the Meadowlands.
  • Rutgers will hike tuition, which has students irate.
  • George Zimmerman says he was not pursuing Trayvon Martin, before ultimately killing him.
  • And always fun during the the morning news shift, the British Open teed off this morning in England...a really cool picture is below

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Alan Kasper has you prepared for the upcoming weekend with his 5-day forecast.

Wednesday's poll asked if you planned to fight a red light camera ticket you received.  43% said absolutely, 6% no, 3% are considering it, and 48% who responded never received one.