12,400 kids every year are rushed to hospital emergency rooms as a result of choking.

Getty Images/Sean Gallup

Children, more than anything else, choke on candy.  It's hot dogs, nuts, and seeds that are among the worst foods to ingest and often requires hospitalization.

Hot dogs are almost the same shape and size of a child's airway and if swallowed in too large of a bite, the hot dog can lodge in the child's airway.

If a child tries to consume a handful of seeds or nuts at one time, they can easily become lodged in the airway.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports, on the average, there are 57 childhood deaths per year as a result of choking.  The agency says babies can even choke from formula and breast milk.

Doctors recommend that food given to kids should be in small pieces.  For very young kids, as an example, grapes should be cut in half.

The most important rule, the doctors say, is supervision.