Healing the Children New Jersey launched in 1981 with a goal of providing medical care to impoverished children.

In 30 years, over 30,000 children in New Jersey and abroad have been helped by their services. The Hawthorne-based group purchases medical supplies and assist with any disabilities.

"We purcahse hearing aids, eye glasses, medications," Executive Director Pam Depompo said, "things that are medically necessary, but not covered under a family's health insurance."

They regularly help children in New Jersey across all 21 counties, with no concentration in any particular area.

"We get requests from all over New Jersey because there are just so many children that are medically frail," DePompo explained, "so requests come in every week from all over the state."

Healing the Children New Jersey has been able to assist so many children, despite limited staffing and fundraising for themselves. They have 3 full time employees, while relying on over 500 volunteers, as well as a network of great relationships at area hospitals.

"Simply put, with more funding we can continue to help more children in need," she said, "whether they are from our local communities in New Jersey, or from impoverished countries around the world."

In addition to the care they provide to New Jersey children, the charity helps children abroad, as well as hosting international kids in the Garden State, where pro bono surgeries are offered. All in all, they care for over 1,000 children each with a very simple message.

"Everyone of us has the ability to help a child in need," DePompo said, "whether by personally getting involved or by making a contribution to a worthy group such as Healing the Children New Jersey."

Learn more about the group by visiting their website.