It’s another very hot day in the Garden state – with temperatures climbing up into the mid 90’s today and tomorrow – and then we’ll approach 100 degrees on Saturday!

Everybody across the region is trying to stay cool, and lots of folks – including kids – are saying they’ve had enough of the heat wave.

“I like running around” said one youngster, “it’s just a little too hot – I think it’s good to go into a sprinkler.”

Another child said “we hate it- it’s too hot out to play – and I wish our pool didn’t break!”

Many adults think it’s too hot to do anything outside.

“I’m tired of the heat” said one shopper on Route 1 in Mercer County”, “you kind of get what Mother Nature gives you and you grin and bear it and go on.”

Another shopper said “we’re holding up okay – just stay indoors most of the day.”

But one man insisted being hot is a lot better than being cold.

“I think it’s fine” he said, “as long as you go in and keep yourself cool in the air conditioning- go shopping a bit – go to the pool, go to the beach – you can always do something to cool down.”

By next week, we’re expecting temperatures to drop back into the 80’s.