Today, Judi Franco decided to attempt to print out a copy of her paycheck and the plan failed miserably. Judi thought she sent her digital paycheck to a local printer but apparently it didn't come out on the printer that she THOUGHT she designated it to. Fortunately, the printer that Judi thought she was sending it to wasn't set up so it never actually printed out.  Before Judi realized that it didn't print, though,  Judi was in a panic, thinking that it may have been sent to another printer somewhere in the building and thus, someone else would see it and know what she makes.

Here is Judi praying over the printer hoping  that it was not sent somewhere else:

Then of course Judi being the extremely resourceful person, found a resolution to the problem:

Have you ever seen someone else's paycheck? Or did someone ever see yours? How did you react? Share your stories below.