By Jeff Deminski

Controversy struck in Camden where their police department is investigating the photograph above making the social network rounds of what appears to be one of their finest asleep in a patrol car. The officer is seen with his head back wearing sunglasses and mouth hanging wide open, seeming to be in mid-snooze. Police there are first investigating to see whether the picture is authentic, but so far it appears to be.

Camden County Police Chief Scott Thomson released this statement:

"We are deeply concerned by what appears in that photograph. We are thoroughly investigating to obtain all the facts to make the most informed decisions.

"Our residents deserve the absolute best police services and we continue to encourage anyone who sees something that appears inappropriate to immediately report it to us and we will investigate, as in this case here."

This is reminiscent of an incident in Trenton where an officer was photographed asleep in his car last summer. But in that case, officer Richard Takach, a 12 year veteran, wasn't on duty yet and was catching some rest between a side job and his regular duty. He was having money troubles and was working as much as he could. Still, he was suspended without pay. Yes, he was in uniform and in a patrol car with his gear, and one could argue that an officer asleep in that position posed a safety risk. Nonetheless I felt sorry for him. Seemed like a good man in a bad financial situation trying to make an honest living.

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