The always wonderful Michele Pilenza filled in for Judi Franco this morning on the Dennis and Judi Show. She received the call last night request her attendance and was so surprised to hear the landline ring instead of her cell phone that she spilled her food and rushed over to the phone expecting it to be some sort of emergency. From this, Dennis and Michele posed the question to our listeners; do you still use a landline phone?

We found out this hour that the majority of people still have a landline, but do not use it very much. Some of our listeners described that they still have a landline just to have another phone to call their cell when it is lost. Another reason, we heard for having a landline is in the case of an emergency. When calling 911, the authorities can more accurately receive your location.

With the diversity of the reasons that we heard for still having a landline, the reoccurring trend was that it did not get much use.

For those of you who did not get to chime in this hour, where do you fall in this scenario?