Jim was talking about the Toms River couple who are being sued by a landlord because they claim the apartment then rented is haunted. The case is now better known as the 'Toms River Horror'
The Landlord is suing them for damages, citing the claim will deter potential tenants. The case will be heard by The People's Court. The contract with People's Court restricts all parties  from further comments.
Listeners have been calling in all morning sharing their personal experiences with the supernatural including Matthew who is in the military and called in all the way from Tokyo, told a story of a haunted hotel he stayed at in Germany. the hotel room creeped Matthew out so much that he spent $400 to get himself into another room!
Then there was Jeff from Flemington, who told the story of the ghosts of the historic Red Mill in Clinton. The Red Mill has actually has had documentaries done on the paranormal activity there. You can watch the video below about it below.


Do you have your own personal experiences with the paranormal activity? Tell your stories below.