What’s wrong with the Giants? How can a team that’s been picked by many to win the NFC East start out 0-3? Did you ever think you would see this team with this quarterback lose 38-0 to a team with a secondary that was patched together last week? It brought back memories of a 23-0 playoff loss to Carolina in 2005. 

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images


Did you not see this coming in the pre-season when they showed so little life offensively that head coach Tom Coughlin had to let his starters play the 4th game which ended up costing starting running back Andre Brown at least half a season?

What I’m hearing out of the Giants worries me. The coaches and players can’t seem to find the answer for their lethargic play.

Tom Coughlin seems as puzzled as the rest of us at the post-game press conference. “Disappointing is not a strong enough word, we expected more, it was not the competitive game I thought it would be”

Coughlin goes on to say “We are what we are” We have the people that have made this team and we expect more”

Perhaps the NFL figured out the Giants.  After ten years, is the team still responding to Coughlin? You would think with the tragic death of his brother this week, that the team would have gone out and won this one for him. You would think that there were enough leaders in the locker room that could provide a spark. But instead we have Antrel Rolle saying “Something’s gotta happen” where once he would have made it happen.


We have a defensive coordinator who can’t figure out a way to get their bread and butter lineman to the quarterback. Cam Newton was sacked 6 times last week by Buffalo,  an offensive coordinator who says his guys are not in sync when its his job to get them that way,  and a General Manager who never properly addressed the linebacker position which was traditionally the bread and butter of the team.

In 1963, the New York Giants won the NFL Eastern Conference championship with an 11-3 record with stars like Y.A Tittle, Del Shofner, Sam Huff, and Andy Robustelli, They lose the NFL Championship 14-10 to the Chicago Bears, then the following year they fall to 2-10-2 and began a drought that would not see the team return to the playoffs until 1981. While I don’t see that happening now, the point is, they didn’t see it coming.

There are 5 teams that have gone on to make the playoffs after starting out 0-3. It could very well be 0-4 after they return from Kansas City and a coach Andy Reid who’s had their number for years with the Eagles. If the NFL has figured the Giants out, now is the time for something new. Here’s hoping they come up with it