Most of my childhood Christmases were celebrated with my grandparents in Wisconsin. Consequently, many New Year's Eves were spent on I-80 East, rushing back home to New Jersey...

One of those "tween" years, though, we stayed in Wisconsin later than usual, for a reason I no longer recall.  I remember my parents waking us 4 kids so that we could celebrate the New Year.  Guy Lombardo was on the television (it was the '70s, afterall). My grandmother had made punch (non-alcoholic, of course) and cookies, and we counted down the minutes to midnight, noisemakers at the ready! As the ball dropped in Times Square, we toasted each other, and soon were shuttled back off to bed...satisfied that we had seen in the New Year.

Not quite.  The ball on televsion dropped in the Eastern Time Zone.  Wisconsin is in the Central Time hour "earlier." Good one! So sly, Mom and Dad! They allowed us kids to celebrate the "New Year,"and still had us back in bed long before midnight, technically.  We had toasted the New Year at 11:00pm, locally.

Times have changed! Bring in 2012 with New Jersey 101.5!  Join me for all the party music...and call in, and let me know where you are partying, and who you are partying with! Its a yearly tradition, a truly statewide bash: "New Jersey's Rockin' Eve," starting at 7:00 tonight!

Get your "toast" ready, as we do "The Time Warp" right up to midnight...Eastern Time...on New Jersey 101.5 and