MORRISTOWN — When you go to see "Rogue One" at the AMC Headquarters Plaza 10, it won't be Eric "Fluffy" Glover taking your ticket.

The ticket-taker that the theater rallied around a year ago has been fired, just in time for Christmas.

For nearly 30 years, Glover greeted guests with rapid-fire hand gestures, beat-box noises, and an unwavering smile that delighted thousands of people over the decades.

Glover, 55, told the Morristown Green that management has changed and didn't like his hugging, ticket punching routine and taking of pictures with customers.

"Eric no longer works at AMC Headquarters 10," the company's corporate Ryan Noonan said Thursday. "While significant effort was made by AMC to ensure a positive work environment, Eric repeatedly exhibited behaviors inconsistent with AMC’s policies and standards. We recognize Eric’s popularity within the Morristown community, and while this decision may not be popular, it is warranted and appropriate."

Glover said a recent incident with a woman who thought he was yelling at her when she went to the wrong theater might have contributed to his dismissal. Glove could not be reached for comment Thursday.

In January, the theater helped raise money for Glover when the expenses to care for a sick cousin caused his family to lose their home. Nearly 1,700 people contributed over $65,000 to a GoFundMe campaign that that helped Glover get back on his feet. The theater in March held a free movie screen of "Zootopia" as a thank you for donations.

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