This 2014 calendar is posted in the NJ101.5 "control room!" (Craig Allen photo)

Just a few hours we did "The Time Warp" into the midnight hour, I had no real feelings, one way or another, about 2013...

Thankfully, in this past year I didn't lose any family members. And, there were no personal crises...unless I dwell on the fact that my Christmas Birthday means that my age now has a "1" on the end. But, it beats the alternative, right?

As a state, there was no Sandy in 2013...but "restore" rolls on...

Some state and national experts say the overall economy is "improving." Hopefully, your personal economy is better, as we embark upon this New Year!



Cost of living (inflation)?

How will small and large businesses, and us consumers, in New Jersey fare in this new year?

Stay tuned...New Jersey 101.5 has the news, the business news, and the analysis to help make those tough decisions ahead, a bit easier.

Alan Kasper has "Instant Weather."

As to your personal future, you're on your own!  Good luck!

Here's to a happy and prosperous 2014!

"Good Luck EVERY Year!" (Craig Allen photo)