It’s a new twist on hiring the handicapped. The real wealthy housewives of New York are hiring handicapped people for as much as $130 per hour or $1,040.00 for an 8 hour day to get them to the front of the lines at Disney World.

Gene Duncan, photographer/Courtesy of Getty Images


The disabled park patrons are hired through Dream Tours Florida

Disney allows each guest who needs a wheelchair or motorized scooter to bring up to six guests to a “more convenient entrance.”

The Florida entertainment mecca warns that there “may be a waiting period before boarding.” But the consensus among upper-crust moms who have used the illicit handicap tactic is that the trick is well worth the cost.

Not only is their “black-market tour guide” more efficient than Disney World’s VIP Tours, it’s cheaper, too.

Disney Tours offers a VIP guide and fast passes for $310 to $380 per hour.

What do you think of the fast pass? Do you think it's worth it?