We had this conversation on air just yesterday.  I bought very little Halloween candy to dole out to kids because I'm back to living in a condo complex.  My theory has been parents tend not to send kids trick or treating in apartment or condo complexes.  I don't know if people in single family home neighborhoods have an unspoken prejudice that we in complexes are all transients.  Or something worse.  Or maybe that we just don't have as much money therefore have lousy candy, you know, like circus peanuts and candy corn.  Bill thought I was nuts.  Callers thought I was dead wrong.  Here it is the day after. TWO KNOCKS.  That was all.  Two small groups of kids.  What little candy I bought is almost entirely still there in the bowl this November 1st.  I believe I need a government grant to take a year off and study this theoretical social prejudice.  Someone get me the government on the phone.