Meet Anthony Brooks. He's a Rubik's Cube genius. He's broken 3 North American records. He's held the U.S. National title. Yes, there is such a thing. He currently holds the world record for solving the Groovik's Cube, which is the world's largest Rubik's Cube. In fact, you can see the Groovik's Cube at the Liberty Science Center. It's featured in an exhibit, "Beyond Rubik's Cube", that opens tomorrow and runs through November then will tour internationally.

The Groovik's Cube is 26 feet high, illuminated, and can be solved remotely via the internet. The exhibit will have a car-sized walk-in Rubik's Cube. This exhibit will show you the inner workings of the cube. It will have a place where you and a friend can manipulate cubes to create music. And on and on. Always a good time at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City. Back to Anthony Brooks. Like I said he's the Rubik's master. Enjoy this video from one of his competitions.