Should there be a pistol behind the pulpit?

That's the question WWOR's Chasing News asks in interviews with two pastors who say they want concealed carry permits — which are difficult to get in New Jersey — to help protect their congregations.

Pastor Jeffrey Kovach of Calvary Bible Church in Mount Laurel began the Chasing Segment with a prayer to "wake up our politicians"

"It's our job to defend the flock," he said "Thank you in Jesus' name."

Kovach told Chasing he's "becoming more and more uncomfortable with the security and the safety of the church."

Pastor Kevin Bernat of New Life Assembly of Egg Harbor Township, asked if he believes Second Amendment rights are granted by God, answered: "Absolutely."

"The founders of our country were godly men who put that because the right of self-defense, I believe, is godly," he said.

In New Jersey, concealed carry permits are rarely issued. An applicant must get a recommendation from a police chief or the Superintendent of State Police, which is then considered by a Superior Court judge. Typically, applicants must demonstrate a particular need — such as a pressing safety concern.

“You’d be more likely to see a unicorn than an average peoerson with a concealed carry permit," Alexander Roubian, president of the NJ 2nd Amendment Society said in the Chasing report.