One of the friendlier sights you're likely to see on Route 9 is the mascot for the Chick-Fil-A restaurant that's on the east side of the road near Lakewood.It's a dancing cow waving to traffic on Route 9 and Lanes Mills Road. My kids are in their teens and they still wave at the cow.

If you're unaware, the restaurant chain uses a cow in its advertising who advises people to eat more chicken. I honestly never stopped to wonder how much the mascot's costume cost, but now I know, thanks to the Los Angeles Times. The Times had a story about a man who stole two of the costumes out of a storage facility in California. They reported that he attempted to sell them on Craigslist for $350 each; unfortunately for him, the person who responded to his ad was an undercover cop who busted him. But don't think that that means the costumes are worth just $350, oh, no. Again, according to the Los Angeles Times, the costumes are valued at $2800 each! Wow. I'll bet they don't smell so good inside, either.