Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, in the New Jersey 101.5 studio to join Bill Spadea Friday, said New Jersey is ready for this weekend's snowstorm — but urges people to stay off the roads on Saturday.

"I am worried about people getting in their cars on Saturday morning. Everyone knows it's going to snow. Why are you driving? Unless you can't get it done Friday there's no reason to be out tomorrow morning," Guadagno said, adding she has canceled appearances she was scheduled to make on Saturday. "It's a snowstorm. Stay out of the snowstorm."

But for those who have to drive, Guadagno said: "We're prepared. There's not a piece of state road that hasn't been brined."

Guadagno is the highest-ranking official in the state as Gov. Chris Christie continues to campaign for president in New Hampshire, whichmeteorologist Dan Zarrow said is only expected to be be brushed by the storm, wiith little to no snow accumulation.

Guadagno said that a state of emergency has not been issued and that a decision on the status of state workers reporting to work on Saturday has not yet been made. The governor's cabinet will meet on Friday afternoon and a decision will not be made until then.

"We are continuously monitoring the situation," she said.

Guadagno said New Jersey's utilities have improved their ability to respond to outages since Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

"They've all stepped up, hardened their infrastructure" and positioned their emergency equipment all over the state," she said. She also urged customers to contact their utilities if they lose power during the storm.

However, she said crews can't go up on poles to begin the restoration process when the wind is blowing at higher than 40 mph.

"It's too dangerous. They'll get killed," said Guadagno. noting that winds are  expected to gust at 60 mph.

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