And, the winner of the 2014 "Grinchfest Quiz" is...

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. A little "Who History" is in order, first!

This "sign" is a "classic!" (Craig Allen photo).

My neighbor Jerry, and some of his buddies in their dorm at Rutgers started "Grinchfest" in the 1980's. Right...back before most people (let alone students) had VCRs. DVD's and DVR's weren't even a sci-fi dream, yet.

So, he would call the TV network weeks in advance to find out the day and time for "How The Grinch Stole Christmas." The planning would begin...word would spread...and "Grinchfest" became a major floor social event.

After graduation, Helen came did a house...and the kids...and "Grinchfest" became a family and friends event of the year.

Eventually, the "Grinchfest Quiz" became a part of the festivities. Upon arrival, party goers would be handed an answer sheet with spaces for 20 answers. Much like the Grinch would "slink" through the Who's houses, players would work their way through the house, answering the questions that were posted on the walls. All questions had multiple choice answers.

Answer forms were then hand scored, and a winner (and "loser") list emerged.  On the line: multiple prizes, including a can of "genuine" Who Hash!

The Grinch took the last can of..."Who Hash." (Craig Allen photo).

Once the prizes were awarded, Helen and Jerry would play the "Grinch" on first by VHS tape...(now on DVD) and by watching, all would see where they went wrong on the quiz...

My "Grinchfest Run" t-shirt waiting for the big day! (Craig Allen photo).

I attended my first "Grinchfest" in 1991. Coincidentally, that was the year for the first "Grinchfest Run." Special shirts were made in honor of the event!

It was BITTER cold...with snow and ice on the ground...just like in "Whoville!"

"10,000 feet up the side of Mt Krumpit" runners must go...actually, that meant a "run" around the neighborhood, wearing our official "Grinchfest Run" t-shirts. Like the Phil Collins album: "No Jacket (was) Required." BRRRRRR!

Much like this year, there was a nasty cold bug in the chilly air...and by the end of the night...many of us didn't feel too good. Call it some sort of Who-plague. Call it the "Grinch's Revenge," but our resulting colds meant that this was the first...last..and ONLY "Grinchfest Run!"

In the succeeding years, there have been several "Grinchfests." For a while, this was an annual gathering.

"Who's" watching the Grinch? (Craig Allen photo).

Before last night, it had been 6 or 7 years since the previous "Grinchfest!"

Watching the Grinch last night... (Craig Allen photo).

Being a long time fan of the 1966 "Grinch cartoon special (I'll tell that story on Christmas Eve), and having never won the "Who Hash" prize...I "studied."

The Grinch on my TV...up in his cave...hating Christmas, and the Who's. (Craig Allen photo).

I watched my Grinch DVD with an eye (and ear) to detail, Thursday and Friday night.

He's "The King of Sinful Sots!" (Craig Allen photo).

And, I watched it once more Saturday morning, before coming in to New Jersey 101.5 to play "Jersey's Favorite Christmas Classics and Holiday Hits!"

In-studio with my "Grinch Goodies!" (Chris Eannucci photo).

And, I wore...

10,000 feet up the side of Mt Krumpit! (Chris Eannucci photo). classic "Grinchfest Run" shirt during the show, for inspiration!

The "Grinchfest" began at 7:30 last night. Owing to my on-air duties til 7pm, and the commute-home-time, I arrived at 8:00

After partaking in some pizza, as "Rare Who Roast Beast" is...rare..'round these parts, it was "Grinchfest Quiz" time!

With the widespread use of "smartphones," where any "quizzer" could just Google the answers, host Jerry prepared a new "high tech" quiz for this year. It actually required our iPhones (etc) to play!

Each player logged onto a website with their mobile device, and was then linked to the "Grinchfest Quiz." The questions were displayed, one at a time, on the big screen TV. We then used our phones to answer each multiple choice question, within a specified period of time. Once time was up, the correct answer was displayed on the TV, and the quiz continued.

Knowledge, and answering speed, were important factors in winning the "Who Hash" this year! Twice, I lost my internet link with the quiz. Once, I got it back, and answered (correctly) just in time! Once, I lost the connection, ad didn't get it back in time...that was counted as a "wrong" answer.

"Cindy Lou You-KNOW-Who!" (Craig Allen photo).

Once, like most of the players, I looked and answered too fast: I clicked the icon for "Cindy Who Lou" NOT "Cindy Lou Who." Sadly, once you answer, you can't undo the answer. Oops!

The "leader board" at the end. (Craig Allen photo).

While the lead went back and forth a few times between 2 of the players..."DJ Grinch" started to pull away from the pack...and was victorious!

Jerry hands "DJ Grinch" the can of "Who Hash," as the "Grinchfest Quiz" winner!(Craig Allen photo archives).

I now proudly display my "2014 limited edition" can of "Who Hash" (contains 100% Who Beef).

Who Hash...then and NOW! (Craig Allen photo).

It sits alongside my father's 2000 edition "Who Hash." He believes that he "won" his can of "Who Hash," as the attendee with the most "wrong" answers! I couldn't attend that year (I was on-air in Philly during the 2000 big bash). So...I will take my dad at his word. Besides, "Who" would lie about such a distinction?!

The true meaning of Christmas comes through...redemption for the Grinch! (Craig Allen photo).

"Merry "Grinchmas!"