Thursday's high temperatures reached the upper 70s, 80 at Newark.

That was a little bit of a surprise after about 6/10 or 3/4 inch of rain in spots.

Today will be near 80 again with sunshine mixing with patchy clouds this afternoon.  There will probably not be any sea breeze at the shore.

Clear and still comfortable tonight with lows back in the 50s, low 60s or so in urban and coastal areas.

We look for weekend highs, with sunshine Saturday and a mostly sunny Sunday, to be in the 80s.  It'll be cooler both days at the beaches.

The ocean temperatures are in the low to middle 60s now.

By the way, the shore report this weekend will have a very low risk of any rip currents. The water temperatures, as said, are generally in the low to middle 60s.

Air temperatures will be cooling with sea breezes both afternoons into the low 70s.