In a study done by and analyzed by the Record, New Jersey colleges and universities fare very well in producing high earning graduates.

Graduates of New Jersey schools average a higher salary both at the entry level as well as in the mid-career years. I feel somewhat vindicated by this study since I told my children that if they wanted to go to college, I would pay either for a state school in the state or a private school if they could get a scholarship to bring the tuition in line with what state schools charge.

My son wound up at Montclair State and my daughter at Seton Hall. My youngest child still has one more year of high school. The study showed that 12 of 28 schools in New Jersey had average starting salaries of at least $50,000. Nationwide, only a quarter of schools reached that level. For the mid-career salary, over half on New Jersey schools (16) saw their graduates earn $90,000; the nationwide average is 30%. In case you’re wondering, the highest earning graduates from New Jersey schools in mid-career came from Princeton, followed by Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rutgers-New Brunswick, and the College of New Jersey.

Going to a state school in New Jersey, on average, produces higher salaries than some private schools in the rest of the country.

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