New Jersey DOT crews will be using a new tool to help keep roads clear this winter, GPS technology.

State Department of Transportation spokesman Joe Dee says using GPS systems will allow crews to track their equipment, where its being utilized and how its doing.

"The idea is that we will be able to see graphically where each piece of equipment is and this will help us redeploy if we have to."

Dee says it will save them money and time because it will give them real-time information.

"It will really help us use our assets to the biggest advantage during these winter storms when timing is everything."

And it won't be used just during the winter months. "This equipment won't be sitting dormant for nine months out of the year. We are going to use it year-round for our mowing machines and other projects."

The DOT also plans to use 180 sensors at 37 locations to stay ahead of the storm. "They are kind of like mini weather-stations where it will track temperature, it will tell us if the pavement is wet or dry."

The GPS equipment will be installed on about 700 vehicles at a price tag of $22 million over the next ten years.