On Thursday in Morris County, Governor Chris Christie announced plans to convert 165 acres into useable open space parkland. The Greystone Psychiatric Hospital property sat idle for years.

The project would cost an estimated $27 million, covered by open space funding and bonds available through the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

The Governor touted the spending as one of the smarter ways to disperse taxpayer dollars.

He said while people talk about the billions of dollars his administration has been cutting, the state still spends $29 billion per year.

"We need to be reminding the people of the state of New Jersey of the good things we use their tax money for," Christie said.

He said his Administration will continue to try to get rid of the "bad ways" taxpayer money is being spent.

Christie said projects similar to the Greystone venture are expanding the amount of open space available to New Jersey's citizens.

"We're furthering our land preservation, which in the most densely populated state in America, is never a bad thing," said Christie.