Just to show you the depth of cynicism some of us seem to have; while on the air last night, it was suggested to me that Governor Christie needn’t have been at the site of the fire. The caller suggested that he was merely using it as a photo op.


I could think of better places to pose for a mere photo op; like perhaps a PATH station to announce the proposed expansion of the line from Newark Penn Station out to Newark Liberty Airport.

But the sight of an iconic Jersey landmark going up in flames is one where I definitely would have expected to see the Chief Executive of the State - briefing up on the progress being made in extinguishing the flames.

And not just to show his face!

Especially since the boardwalk’s revitalization in a way symbolized how the state, while still recovering, was, in some measure, on its way back.

Would it have made any of the cynics happier had he stayed home and watch the Jets lose to the Patriots; and perhaps get periodic updates on the fire?

These are the moments and places where we expect him to be. Or so I would think.
And just imagine the “bordel’” had he not been there. The cries for his head on a platter would have been heard all over the state.

It comes with the job!

And I’m glad he did it!