During his latest town hall meeting in Cedar Grove today, Governor Christie was interrupted a couple of times by people shouting out questions.


When the Governor blamed the “Corzine democrats” for not supporting his tax cut proposal, he said the Corzine democrats have come back, “the same way Jon Corzine came back to Wall Street, and you see how that went.”

Seconds later, a man shouted out from the back of the room “why isn’t Corzine in Jail?” and Christie replied “well you know, that was my old job pal, I can’t do anything about that now” and the crowd laughed and applauded.

Before he became Governor, Chris Christie served as U.S. Attorney for New Jersey – and prosecuted more than 120 corrupt public figures from both parties.

A short time later, a woman yelled to the Governor, asking why he hasn’t supported a “wealth tax” on millionaires. Christie – who is known for his temper – stayed cool, and said “if you want to start shouting while I’m in the middle of talking, that’s your preference, go ahead, but I will ignore you, and we will wait until later.”

After explaining the rules of the town hall – which includes putting up your hand to ask a question - the Governor did call on the woman during the Q and A session, and he told her the Corzine democrats could have kept the millionaires tax if they wanted it, but they chose not to, and he won’t support it because he doesn’t believe in it.