Governor Chris Christie is expressing frustration and anger because state Senate democrats haven't announced when they'll hold hearings for his two most recent Supreme Court nominees, David Bauman and Robert Hanna.

Governor's Office, Tim Larsen

The nominations - made a month ago - came after Senate lawmakers turned thumbs down on Christie's first nominees, Bruce Harris and Phil Kwon back in March of last year.

The Governor alleges that nobody gets hearings anymore, and that Sen. Nick Scutari (Chair of the Judiciary Committee) is "apparently" on vacation.

"There has been no movement towards holding a hearing that I'm aware of," Christie says, "What are they doing? Nobody's getting hearings - we have prosecutor nominees who have been sitting there for six months."

He says he nominated the prosecutor candidates in June. "These folks - these Senate democrats are in denial that they lost the election in 2009…(former Governor) Jim McGreevey kicked every republican prosecutor on his or her keester to the curb - regardless of their qualifications or lack of qualifications…. and democratic legislators seem to think when a republican gets elected Governor he shouldn't have the choice of what prosecutors to use because they believe the prosecutors in place are good - well of course they do - they picked them."

"Not one of these guys who's saying that has ever been a prosecutor- I have been - so has the Attorney General - and we want to have and who we don't want to have…they held up Anne Paterson for 14 months- this has been the pattern and practice of the Senate democrats - they sit in the corner and hold their breath…until the public puts pressure on them or they want something else from me."