The New Jersey Department of Children and Families continues to investigate the case of a crazed South Jersey mother, who decapitated her 2 year old son, then stabbed herself to death with a knife after calling 911.

The woman was being monitored by DCF because of a series of bizarre incidents over the past couple of years.

During last night's edition of "Ask the Governor," Governor Christie was asked about the situation.

"I'm saddened by the incident, but I don't know that we have any evidence that red flags were ignored in this case...What I've seen so far is that DCF was very involved in trying to make sure that the appropriate counseling was being given and monitoring was being done...Government can do the very best it can, but we cannot be overseeing parents with their children 24 hours a day either."

The Governor pointed out the federal monitor overseeing progress being made at the Agency "has said things have improved significantly over the last 2 and a half years at DCF- and that in most of the categories that they're monitoring we've gotten much better, and I have great confidence in Commissioner Blake and what she's doing each and every day for us in making that department better."

He also said, "When things like this happen, I can't imagine- it's just incomprehensible to me...And it shows you how desperate or disturbed or depraved this mother must have been...It's being looked into and being reviewed, and if it turns out that there was some things that we missed that we could have prevented, then we'll learn from that. But at least so far, the indication I've gotten is that - it's not that red flags were missed. It's just that - there's some times, there's certain things that you just can't prevent."