Governor Christie continues to criss-cross the Garden state - holding dozens of town hall meetings over the past 18 months. At most of these events,  Governor Christie draws supportive, overflow crowds.

During his most recent town hall in Caldwell, most folks voiced strong support for Christie.

"I think he's trying his best and he's doing very good" said one man smiling , " I like him - he's very blunt, he's straight-forward, when he makes some changes he tells why he's making the change."

Another member of the audience said "I like the Governor a lot - I think he's doing a great job - I think he's in the right direction- he's doing things that have to be done…once in a while I think he pushes it a little too far, but maybe that needs to be done because then he can always back down and get the deal done."

A woman standing nearby said "I think he's got a lot of great things going for him - I think he appreciates the situation…I think it's a tough job but I don't think he needs to be so blunt and in your face- I think having respect for one another is a wonderful template for having better skills with each other and humanity."

Someone else chimed in "you always know where he stands, which is refreshing, but he could use a softer touch at times…but I like him because even though I don't always agree with everything he does, he does stuff - which is very different than our last experience."

Another member of the audience said "I think he's a great guy…he's trying to cut the fat -financially he's cutting the fat, and we got too much entitlement publicly and everything, and I like fact that he's conservative and traditional values…he speaks from his heart - you know speak the truth - get up, speak up and then shut up."

His friend said "he's making the hard decisions that nobody wants to do or want to hear about but he's got the balls to do it and he's doing a great job for the state."

Another person said "at least he's making an attempt to look at problems - like anything else, they gotta be addressed…I think he stands up for what he believes in - I think he's a very credible Governor…where he differs from other politicians is that he stands by what he believes in - he doesn't change his mind- he doesn't go where the wind blows."