At a recent town hall meeting in South Jersey Governor Christie called an ex-Navy SEAL an “idiot” for repeatedly interrupting him.

At today’s town hall in Kearny, the Governor gave members of the audience a friendly reminder that if anyone was rude to him, he’d give them the same treatment.

“If today is the day you want to show off” said Christie, “and take the Governor of New Jersey out for a little walk, you need to understand something – we are all from New Jersey –and what that means, is if you give it, you are getting it back!”

The Governor also said “I don’t relish that interaction – and I prefer never to have it - but here’s what also I’m not going to do – I’m not going stand up here because I’m Governor and be a punching bag…we all have certain roles to play in this world, and I am happy to listen to your complaints and take them seriously - it’s my job -  but, when you ask me a question – I think, in this forum – I have the right to answer it…if you’re not letting me answer it, well you’re ruining everyone else’s time too.”

The ex-Navy SEAL, William Brown of Mt. Laurel, was escorted out of a town hall in Roebling a week and a half ago, after he repeatedly interrupted Christie after asking a question about the merger of Rutgers and Rowan universities. The Governor wound up calling him an “idiot”, but also praised Brown for his military service.

There were no incidents at today’s town hall meeting.