The video of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie yelling at a passerby on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights went viral after it was aired on TMZ. In his first public comments on the now infamous altercation Christie was far from apologetic.

"The regret I have about it is what he said in front of my children," explains Christie. "I get heckled all the time. When you're Governor that's what happens and I don't react almost at all to those hecklings, but I will not as a father stand for people using profanity in front of my 9-year-old daughter and her 8-year-old friend and my 11-year-old son and his 11-year-old friend and to use that profanity directed at their father when I was out on the boardwalk, obviously having ice cream and having fun with my kids"

Christie says there are times when you must be a father first and anybody who thinks they can use that kind of language with him in front of his kids is dead wrong.

"If they do it when I'm alone I just ignore it," says the Governor. "I just ignore it and let it roll off my back because I realize that's part of the job, but not in front of my kids. I just won't have that and I don't think any father or mother out there would allow some person to come up and use that kind of language directed towards them in front of their children and not have some kind of reaction to it."

Christie says the incident has also been overblown.

He admits turning around and yelling at the guy after he criticized education policies, but says he doesn't have any regrets about that. Christie says the man was probably going to brag to his girlfriend and friends about how he told the Governor off.

Some pundits point to the altercation as a reason Christie wouldn't be picked to run as Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's V.P. running mate.

He responds, "This whole idea that it's a lack of self-control, let me assure all of you, it was not a lack of self-control. It was an absolutely planned response. You use that language in front of my children you're going to hear back from me. That's the way it is."