In 1983 Rodney Dangerfield and Joe Pesci made a movie called “Easy Money” where Dangerfield plays Monty Capuletti an overweight, hard drinking gambling man who’s mother in-law gives him an ultimatum in her will: Lose the weight, quit the drinking and gambling and you'll inherit 10 million dollars.

I was a extra in this movie and if you blink during the boxing match scene you’ll miss my big screen debut. In fact some versions of the movie cut out the boxing match scene all together. So much for me winning an Oscar.

The situation Governor Christie is in is quite similar. Fifteen per cent of poll respondents to a new Quinnipiac survey say they are less likely to vote for an overweight or obese person.


Should it be that way? No but in a country where presidential elections come down to dangling chads and televised debates, that percentage is way too high. How many people cast their presidential vote in the last 2 weeks based on what the candidates looked like without really listening to what they were saying?


If Governor Christie is seriously thinking about a Presidential run, not only is he going to have to lose the weight, but he’s going to have to keep it off for at least 4 years after he wins if that’s the case. Christie will also have to look good afterwards. Many people lose weight and look drained. Governor Christie must in his “after” picture look stronger and more robust.


This will be the Governor’s biggest challenge both in politics and in life. If he succeeds, he will have the ultimate feel good story that will resonate with every overweight American. That could more than make up for the fifteen per cent.


Do you think Governor Christie needs to lose weight to make a Presidential run?