Governor Christie is making a new push for legislation that would make drug treatment mandatory for non-violent offenders.

During last night's edition of "Ask The Governor," a Jersey mom with a son who's a drug addict made an emotional plea for the Governor to press lawmakers to adopt the measure.

He said, "It needs to be mandated.  We can send him to jail by mandate, but we can't send him to treatment by mandate.  It makes no sense, and so let's stop already with the games on this."

The Governor also said, "I'm very frustrated by the fact that the mandate portion of this drug treatment plan that I've put forward is still not moved.  We've got 30 days left.  Every day we waste is a life we could lose...I just don't understand why the Legislature won't.  It's the loudest elements of the Legislature, who say that they've done their research and they don't believe that mandating it makes sense.  I have never met someone who volunteers for treatment under these circumstances.  You know we need to get to this now, it needs to get done - and I'm calling on the Senate President and the Speaker to work with me on this.  Let's get it done- we're going to save lives - and if we don't mandate it, we're going to lose lives, it's that simple."

The legislation calls for non-violent offenders to be enrolled in a one year treatment program. Supporters say it would be more effective and cheaper than sending the individuals to state prison.