As Governor Christie travels around the Garden state holding his town hall meetings, he's always talking about how bad the political gridlock in Washington is, and how politicians in Jersey are working together in a spirit of bipartisan cooperation.

Despite the claim, democratic leaders and the Governor have increasingly been at each others' throats.

Christie says despite the non-stop attacks and insults, "we express our disagreements in fairly plain and direct language - that doesn't mean we don't get behind closed doors and say to each other, okay, you feel this, I feel that, what can we get done…I still am very hopeful that we're going to get a lot done in the next 4 months- I understand that the rhetoric has been amping up, but the rhetoric has never been cool in the last 2 years."

He says "if I decide to go into a corner and go in the fetal position every time one of them calls me a name, I'd live there permanently - my job is to understand they've got things they feel they need to say publicly…say what you're going to say, but what I care about the most is what gets said when we get behind closed doors, and what results we get when we come out from behind those closed doors and what we can get done."

Christie adds "I think we have a pretty impressive list of things we've gotten done…I'm hopeful that we're going to get a lot of stuff done - I don't know exactly which ones it's going to be, but I sat down with the Senate President last week, I sat down separately with the Speaker last week, I went over a whole list of agenda items that I've heard them talk about and that I've spoken about…don't mistake tone with results - in the end we have found a way - the three of us - to come together and get things done."

When asked about the democrat's position opposing his proposed 10 percent income tax cut, he said " they said no way a lot of things were gonna happen - I'm not worried - and I said this the other day - I don't spend a lot of time worrying…if it turns out that's the position they want to take and that's where they end up, then I'll bring it to the people- the people will make their judgment on them."

Video by Dino Flammia