Gov. Chris Christie is often asked if he plans to campaign for Republican candidates as the GOP fights to retake control of one or both houses of the legislature.

(Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

He thinks that anyone who feels the need to ask that question hasn't been paying attention to what he's already been doing. Christie also thinks his mere presence in a legislative district is a boost to Republican candidates.

"I've already done campaigning on behalf of Republican legislative candidates," explains the Governor. "Every time I show up someplace I'm in somebody's legislative district and when I do they happen to come most of the time, which is very hospitable of them."

Regaining control over either house is an uphill battle for Republicans to say the very least. Democrats control the State Senate by a margin of 24-16 and they control the General Assembly 48-32. Make no mistake however Christie is working for his fellow Republicans.

"Wherever I go people tend to show up," says Christie. "Wherever I go it seems like other candidates below me show up. They're always welcome and they're always advised by my campaign as to where I'm going to be and especially if I'm in their legislative district they're advised."

The Governor says he'll always campaign together with GOP candidates if they attend one of his public events.

"I campaign for the whole ticket, up and down wherever I am and I'll continue to do that," explains Christie. "By just showing up I think I'm helping my Republican candidates down the ballot."

Some Republicans have bristled over the fact that Christie can be helping Democrats as well because they often turn up at his events too. National GOP leaders haven't been shy about voicing their displeasure about Christie's on-again, off-again closeness with President Barack Obama.