When it comes to issues that matter to women, Governor Christie could use some work.

Kevin McArdle, Townsquare Media

That's according to a Report Card that's been released by a group of state lawmakers.

"Each issue is significant individually, but taken together, they do constitute an assault on women," said State Senator Loretta Weinberg. "We're serving notice that we are fighting back. We're not going to stand by and allow women to be denied their rights, their needs or certainly not equal opportunity."

Christie was given an "F-" for women's health care.

"The student shows disregard for the subject matter and has repeatedly failed to make up the work when given the opportunity. So, when we move again to try to override the Governor's veto of women's health, we're going to give the Republicans a chance to stand beside us and help make up that work," said Weinberg. "His math skills are also questionable when it comes to this subject. He suggested we couldn't afford women's health funding at $7.5 million when we know we can bring in a 9 to one federal match."

The Report Card gave the Governor an "Incomplete" in Pay Equity Legislation and the Health Care Exchange Law.

"He hasn't vetoed these bills yet, so we're giving him an incomplete and a chance to sign them and maybe get an 'A' in one of these subjects," said Weinberg.

The Governor did receive one "A+."

"He gets an 'A+' for his unbending support of the Republican National Agenda. The report card says that the student has shown particular zeal for this subject matter marching in lock step with an extreme agenda set by the national GOP."

Christie got an "F" for social skills. "The student does not play well with others and urged fellow students to take a bat out against one of their peers. For that, most students get into trouble," she said.