Governor Christie says information that's been leaked about his two Supreme Court nominees - Bruce Harris and Phil Kwon - is very disturbing, and may actually violate state and federal law.

Following his latest town hall meeting in Westfield, the Governor said this has never happened before, where personal, private information has been provided in a confidential questionnaire -that is supposed to be used only by the Senators on the Judiciary Committee to make an evaluation - and the information has been made public.

He said a specific Senate rule forbids this kind of information from being revealed, but state Senators Loretta Weinberg, Ray Lesniak, and Paul Sarlo have been "speaking to the press about what they believe are the insufficiency of certain answers that were given in these confidential questionnaires…it's despicable - it's never happened before."

The Governor says this is obviously a very serious situation and "if you engaged in the leaking to the media of these questionnaires - you very well may have committed a crime -under both state and federal law."

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As far as new calls for the nominees to provide additional information, Christie says the state Senators "already have all the information they need in the questionnaire that they designed- if they don't like their questionnaire and they want more information from these guys, change your questionnaire -it's not our questionnaire, it's theirs…on who leaked the information…I don't know if it was a republican, I don't know if it was a democrat, I don't know whether it was the partisan Office of Legislative Services- I don't know who it was - but I will tell you that if we find out the person who did they could very well have committed a crime…I think it's reprehensible."

The Governor adds "Senator Sweeney through a spokesman said he is deeply disturbed and he is going to handle it - I know Steve Sweeney- he knows how to handle these things…they're discussing information contained in the confidential questionnaire with members of the press- that is a clear violation of their rules - and it's never been done before… for them to try to engage in a political smear campaign against Phil Kwon and Bruce Harris -two people who people who have been able public servants in their lives is just disgusting."

Even so, Christie says "I'm not going to be one of these guys standing behind here saying I demand an investigation - that's not my role - it's not what I am going to do…that's up to law enforcement to decide what it is they want to do or not want to do - I've said this dozens of times as you know - I'm not getting into that stuff."